Rebranding – Who we are, who we were, and where we are going…

Business for Sale or Lease in Cambodia

Serendipity Beach Hostel is a new initiative by the owners of The Led Zephyr. 2015 has seen a lot of new changes. Sihanoukville, Cambodia is a creature in constant motion. Businesses come and go on a daily basis. The hostel you visited last year is probably not there this year.

The Led Zephyr is one of the few places that has lasted and with good reason. We provide a great environment to hang with your friends and meet new ones. The bar and restaurant has some of the best food in town with a roast dinner special that can’t be matched, every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. There is live music every day of the week, and the hostel provides an incredible range of rooms at every price point to satisfy both the budget traveler and travelers used to a little more pampering.

However, even The Led Zephyr is susceptible to change. In an effort to address the changing environment, the owners of The Led Zephyr have decided to separate to bar and restaurant from the hostel business. The locations are the same, the quality is the same, the prices are the same. What is different are the name and the rooms. The former name “The Led Zephyr Backstage Bungalows” are now known as “Serendipity Beach Hostel.” All the rooms are undergoing renovation with furniture being upgraded, room interiors being painted and sealed to provide more AC options, and more budget price points being added. Dormitory accommodation now has 4 (fan, basic, standard, superior) different levels instead of just two– fans or AC. Private rooms have dressers, desks, TV and everything else you would expect from higher-end hotels.

Serendipity Beach Hostels has also launched a Travel Service that is hard to beat. In conjunction with Koh Rong Travel and Diving and various bus and ferry companies, we promise to make your stay with us one of the most memorable vacations of your life. Check out the rest of our site, contact us, make a reservation and relax. It’s all good – we got you covered.